Christmas [part three]

I know I've gotten a little crazy with the decoration pictures but I just love all my little things! I am proud of my cute Christmassy house on my low Budget! Go Me!
My cute cute little buckets from target filled with yummy smelling Christmas potpourri. (funny word)
My table centerpiece. I need to buy more bulbs so I can fill it up.
I love this flower arrangement. My co-worker that drew my name for secret santa made it for me.....So talented! And I got the Faith sign from from walgreens for $1.50. I love bargains!

Christmas [part two]

Here our some pictures of our Christmas Decor.
The final product of my fence project! 
*there were some problems with the lights on the house so I will post pictures of them when they are fixed
I love this beautiful count down that my Mother in Law bought me! Thanks Lana!
My homemade stockings made from Shanes old pants and some Christmas flannel. I also stitched our names on the pocket. I think they turned out pretty cute. Plus I love my cute sparkly sign from ABC Distributing!
I made this sign because its a quote from Shanes favorite christmas movie, The Grinch. (the cartoon one) I used all my different stamps for the lettering then just added some fun buttons and bling. I did it one a 2 x 2 foot particle board from home depot, cheap and fun! Gotta love that. 
Our tree! I am so happy with the way all my decorations turned out! Its so fun having our own little space to decorate :)

Christmas [part one]

We have been Busy little elves around here getting ready for Christmas..

We put up our lights and I showed Shane the amazing talent I got from my mom....writing words in the fence! He was a little sketchy about it at first but was impressed with the finish product. 
While I worked on the fence he hung the lights on the House....So brave! I had to go half way up the ladder and hand him something and that was enough for me.
We also decorated our house, I bought our tree and ornaments last year after christmas so I have been looking at them in our closet for months very anxious to put them up!
Shane assembled the tree, and helped me decorate
 *sorry the pictures are a little out of order

We had so much fun getting our house all put together for the Holidays, Shane and I love Christmas time and its exciting to be having our first Christmas being married and our first Christmas in our new home!


Crafty girls dreams really do come true!

Pegboard - 7$
Hooks and clips - 10$
Paint - 2$
Shelf - 14$

Having my own cute board and shelf to hang all my crafty things on.....Priceless.
[thanks shane for helping me hang everything up] 


[so Thankful]

Its a little early to be counting my blessings but it just couldn't wait until thanksgiving. This month has been so amazing and I have so many things to be thankful for, let me just name a few....
  1. Cowen Hamblin [my wonderful father-in-law] had a kidney and pancreas transplant on Monday November 10th. He has been on the waiting list for over a year, doing dialysis every other day, and struggling with Diabetes and Kidney Disease for many years. It is obviously a major surgery so he is still in Phoenix recovering but he will be able to come home right before Christmas new and Improved
  2. Our new house, I am loving moving everything into it and  making it cute. I am especially thankful for my craft room....love love love it. 
  3. Shane. He is so helpful especially with hanging all the stuff in our house and moving around the heavy stuff. 
  4. My job, they were so nice about me taking off the extra time for Cowens surgery.... and not to toot my own horn but I got employee of the month! 30$ movie theatre gift card Heck Yes!
  5. Friends and Family. I was able to be in Mesa for Caths 18th birthday and I loved spending time with my family and people I don't get to see often like Katie and Natalie. 
  6. Strawberry Sonic Slushes
  7. My sewing machine, I made myself a new purse last night and I can't imagine how hard that would be to do by hand, I gotta hand it to the pioneers for real. 
  8. Toe nail polish....new self done pedicure makes me feel pretty.
  9. Bean and cheese burritos from short stop. One of the many reasons I love living in round valley, they are amazing if your ever in town, get one! There is nothing else like them.
  10. Our dog Junior. He makes me so happy and he is getting so good at catching a frisbee!
I could go on and on... Life is good just sit back and let yourself realize it : )



Nikki "tagged" me to post the 4th picture on my computer and explain it so here it goes...
(sorry the picture is turned thats how it was on the computer so i just followed the rules and posted the 4th pic)
This is all my moms family and my brothers and sisters at my moms wedding to Barry Platts. It was such a wonderful day my mom was so happy she was glowing she looked beautiful.  I thought this day would be so hard but it wasn't I was just so happy for her and Barry. They are so good to me and they are so good for each other, I love you both! Now I tag katie and Jen. 

P.S. Im counting this as my blog with a picture before the weekend is up. I know its a cop out kinda but oh well I promised and this is going to have to be enough!


Sorry : (

I haven't posted in almost 2 months?! Thats crazy, life has been crazy. There are several reasons that I haven't posted like.....

1.We have been going through the process of buying a house and i have been very busy getting all the paperwork together (are you kidding me last three years of tax returns?!) But the sunny side is we close on the thirtieth of this month! 4 more days :)

2. I haven't scrapbooked at all because we have been packing and i have just have had a creative block. I have lots of fun ideas for the new house though. Yay!

3. I haven't taken any pictures lately, and therefore I have had none to post. 

I know, i know excuses excuses! but my goal is to be better for my mom and nikki and katie because i miss them so much! I promise a new blog *with pictures* by next weekend. 

Thanks to those of you who do check the blog, again sorry for the slacking.  love you all 


Scrap Happens

So... i am using my new internet [yay!] which means that i have access to the photos on my home computer so i wanted to share some of the pages i have been working on lately. Sorry in advance that you cant read much of the journaling, i am having a hard time figuring out which setting on my camera is best for this. 

Oh and P.s. i can't believe i am one of those people that scrapbooks their dog but oh well its just so cute how he really is shanes best friend and i cant help but want to make a memory of it!




Just FYI....shane and I are getting the internet in two days!! so now i can blog more post more comment more and i have to be honest that just makes my day! we havent had the internet at home since we got married so i always have to sneak on at work (like im doing now) But those days are finally over :) and i couldn't be happier.


Well i know i havent posted in a while...i am just busy busy! But i just wanted to take a minute and tell my sister NIKKI how much i love her and will miss her now that she is in Utah! Her and her girls are the sunshine in my life and always have been:) I'm just so thankful that we have always been close and i hope it stays that way even with us far apart! I love you Nik, Mayli, Tori and even AJ! you all will be so missed!


Our Family

Well one thing is for sure, we have a lot of family! And thats good because wherever we go we have people we love to see and hang out with. We are so happy to be close with both our families, they are the bomb.com! At our wedding we had the chance to have everyone together (which doesn't happen very often) so we made the most of it with lots of pictures!

Our Pup!

Junior is our dog and we love him so much! Shane says he is the closest thing i can have to a baby right now so we really spoil him. He is the purdiest yellow lab this side of the mississippi.
Shane and Junior just sittin by the campfire. We love taking him on all our little expeditions, he always makes it interesting... What would we do without him swatting at flies and chasing squirrels!?
Here is him as a puppy, we got him the day we got home from our honeymoon so we both just think of him as part of the fam, for better or worse!