Cash is finally here! He was born Saturday September 5th at 10:53am. He was seven pounds two ounces and 19 and 1/2 inches long. At my Dr. appt tuesday I had very little progress and with my due date two days away that was discouraging but thursday night I started having contractions around 9pm timing 8 minutes apart. I thought for sure I would end up in the hospital that night. But they didnt get any closer together! So i had contractions all that night all day Friday and finally went into the hospital at one am on saturday morning when my contractions were 4 minutes apart and i was already dialated to a 3. By 5am i was at a 4 and at 9 i was at a 6 and the dr broke my water. At 10 I told the nurse to check me because i was feeling pressure....and i was ready to push! I started pushing at 10:20 and he was here by 10:53! It was an amazing experience and I was just overwhelmed with happiness when he was finally in my arms.

He is such a good baby, eating every three hours around the clock but sleeping very good at night. He hardly ever cries. He has blue eyes. He wrinkles up his forehead when he opens his eyes really wide. He loves to sleep in his carseat and sit in his little soothing vibrations chair. He scratches my back with his long little fingers when i burp him and he already snores when he sleeps. He looks like his dad and loves to sleep on shanes chest. He loves his little hands and sucking on his fist. I told Shane what did we do before this little guy? Our lives were so boring!

Here are some pictures in no specific order, Enjoy....
Sitting in his little chair that he loves

Proud Mamma

Sweet little guy.

5 days old. He has the longest fingers!

In the hospital he would just grip my finger, like he was saying Hi mom!

First smiles are the best.

Right after he was born catherine took this picture on her phone and I love it.


Getting Bigger!

As of this Thursday I will be 28 weeks and there is DEFINATELY no hiding it! I love being prego and feeling him move all the time. He moves the most at night when Shane and I are laying in bed talking so I think he likes his dad : ) we can't wait for him to be here!

on the mountain

This weekend my sisters came up and stayed with Shane and I. It was so fun to have them and our nieces there! On friday night we packed everyone up and went up to greenspeak to have dinner and roast marshmallows. We met Brad and amber evan and willie up there and had fun cooking and just hanging out. Mayli and Tori had so much fun running around and playing with Junior. Me cath and nikki had to laugh though because now I am a mountain girl and they are still valley girls haha!
I think by this time little Tori was playing in Shanes truck, it was a little too cold for her and she had more fun just hanging out in the truck!

Shane and Willie acting cool, Brad with Isabel and Braylen


Even though i have been slacking on my blog it doesn't mean we have been lazy lately. Shane and I have both been busy with lots of summer projects. Now that it is warm we have just had an itch to get some stuff done. I have been working a lot on getting the babys room ready and just little projects around the house and Shane started our yard. I have always told him I love having a lot of grass and that is what im gettin! it is still a work in progress.
This is our yard as of today, some grass is coming up, but we are still pretty much in the water and straw stage.

This is a little blanket I made for baby Cash. I love the baseball print and satin edge. It is one of three that I have been working on but this is the only one that is done so far. This is a little table that my Aunt Linda bought me for my birthday at a yard sale. She knows me so well and knew I would love a little project to fix up.
I painted it then roughed up the paint a little, bought new knobs and last but not least added some pretty wallpaper to the top. I really like how it turned out and it was a perfect weekend project. Thanks Aunt Linda. Now i just need to figure out what to hang above it....hmm....
I have a few other projects going that are half done, I will post more when they are complete!

Taylor Swift Concert!

Catherine graduated this year! Crazy I know....but for her graduation present I got us tickets to the Taylor Swift concert at glendale arena (where the coyotes play). It was the night after her graduation so it worked out perfectly. I wanted to suprise her but she got it out of me before so we were both so excited to go! We had so much fun, we went with my two sister in laws Amber and Megan, and a couple friends Kenzi and Aleece. They were a really fun group to go with we all were just goof balls the whole time but it made it even more fun.
Goofing off before the concert.
Waiting for Taylor!
All the girls, kenzi me cath megan aleece amber.
I love you baby girl! Thanks for an awesome night!



We were so anxious to find out! The ultrasound lady told us that she may not be able to get a good gender picture but he wasn't shy at all about showing his parts! We got some great pictures of his face too :) Both of us were kinda thinking it was a girl so we were suprised! (pleasantly suprised) I know Shane is so happy and so am I! We are still deciding on names. We love the name Cash but haven't decided on a middle name or anything. Shane said today now he wishes we just had him so I think the next 20 weeks of this might go by a little slower than the first!



This winter has gone by so fast, but still I am ready for spring! I am just like my momma I hate being cold! This is a picture of Shane and I on a sledding trip with a few friends over Christmas break, its a couple months old but I love the picture because Shane is covered in snow! It was FREEZING and I didn't sled a lot but the cold didn't stop him from treading through the waist deep snow to build jumps and sled like a crazy man. 
This is a little late too but the first of this month was our one year anniversary! Shane and I had an amazing first year of marriage... it went by so fast! I am a lucky girl, he is such an easy person to love and take care of. I am so proud of what we have accomplished in the last year and am anxious for what will come in the years to come. 
Baby Bump! Every morning when I wake up I lay on my back and look down at my tummy and say....nope not yet! but Friday morning there was something there! I have been wanting to show for so long now and it seems to be finally happening! It makes it a little more real :) When Shane was taking the picture he had to say Don't stick it out just act normal! So this really is just relaxed and normal. I love that little bump I am always rubbing my stomach and Shane asks if I feel sick, but i just love to feel my little love bump and know our little baby is growing! Through the pregnancy I get on whattoexpect.com and it tells me all about the little baby from week to week. Every week baby is growing so much and they always compare he/she to something usually a fruit or veggie..... so thats what I call our little baby for that week. First it was Blueberry then in was Olive, not long after that it was Prune and next week it will be my little Peach! 

Big Macs

Being prego for the last month and a half has been a pretty interesting experience for me.... Don't get me wrong I love it! But since the first of January I have been sick every morning, and occasionally throughout the day depending on the things I saw and smelled (working for a foot doctor maybe not the best thing). I have had NO appetite and basically Shane has had to force feed me. Things I usually love like salad and chicken make me cringe, and my usually snacky self even turns away from brownies and candy : (

Then finally....... I saw the light, things changed this week! I have been feeling much less sick (I only threw up twice!) And I'm having my first craving.......... Big Macs. Big Macs? Yes.... Big Macs. Honestly before this week I have probably only had one in my lifetime, and this week I had 3! and I would have had 10 more if they weren't 4 bucks! Oh how I long for the days when they were 99 cents! I love them, they are my favorite thing right now and even uploading that picture made my mouth water. I could get used to this craving thing, hello appetite! I have missed you!


Baby Hamblin

I'm Pregnant! 
Pretty crazy huh?..... We weren't trying so its a big suprise, but we are very Happy! I am about 6 weeks along so that makes me due September 3rd. It was such a good way to start the new year knowing there will be a new little addition to our family!