Crafty girls dreams really do come true!

Pegboard - 7$
Hooks and clips - 10$
Paint - 2$
Shelf - 14$

Having my own cute board and shelf to hang all my crafty things on.....Priceless.
[thanks shane for helping me hang everything up] 


[so Thankful]

Its a little early to be counting my blessings but it just couldn't wait until thanksgiving. This month has been so amazing and I have so many things to be thankful for, let me just name a few....
  1. Cowen Hamblin [my wonderful father-in-law] had a kidney and pancreas transplant on Monday November 10th. He has been on the waiting list for over a year, doing dialysis every other day, and struggling with Diabetes and Kidney Disease for many years. It is obviously a major surgery so he is still in Phoenix recovering but he will be able to come home right before Christmas new and Improved
  2. Our new house, I am loving moving everything into it and  making it cute. I am especially thankful for my craft room....love love love it. 
  3. Shane. He is so helpful especially with hanging all the stuff in our house and moving around the heavy stuff. 
  4. My job, they were so nice about me taking off the extra time for Cowens surgery.... and not to toot my own horn but I got employee of the month! 30$ movie theatre gift card Heck Yes!
  5. Friends and Family. I was able to be in Mesa for Caths 18th birthday and I loved spending time with my family and people I don't get to see often like Katie and Natalie. 
  6. Strawberry Sonic Slushes
  7. My sewing machine, I made myself a new purse last night and I can't imagine how hard that would be to do by hand, I gotta hand it to the pioneers for real. 
  8. Toe nail polish....new self done pedicure makes me feel pretty.
  9. Bean and cheese burritos from short stop. One of the many reasons I love living in round valley, they are amazing if your ever in town, get one! There is nothing else like them.
  10. Our dog Junior. He makes me so happy and he is getting so good at catching a frisbee!
I could go on and on... Life is good just sit back and let yourself realize it : )



Nikki "tagged" me to post the 4th picture on my computer and explain it so here it goes...
(sorry the picture is turned thats how it was on the computer so i just followed the rules and posted the 4th pic)
This is all my moms family and my brothers and sisters at my moms wedding to Barry Platts. It was such a wonderful day my mom was so happy she was glowing she looked beautiful.  I thought this day would be so hard but it wasn't I was just so happy for her and Barry. They are so good to me and they are so good for each other, I love you both! Now I tag katie and Jen. 

P.S. Im counting this as my blog with a picture before the weekend is up. I know its a cop out kinda but oh well I promised and this is going to have to be enough!