Spring is in the Air...Finally

Finally Eagar has given us some nice days and it couldn't have come at a better time because between the snow in May and wind clocked at 122 mph I was about to pack up and call it quits! Its days when it is 70 here and 98 in the valley that I remember how blessed I am to live her....
for part of the year anyway :)

We have been getting out of the house as much as we can lately
and I see a lot more of this in our near future...

We went up to Black River sunday
 after church and cash loved it.
(cutest kid you've ever seen sittin in a camping chair huh?)

Happy lillte mountain boy.

Lee and Dallan(shanes brother and his son)
with Shane and Cash fishing in greer.
*notice Cashs fishing vest, I'll have to get a close picture up Shane is pretty proud of it :)

It really is great to live in a little place so close to the mountains where we can take Cash to spend some time in the fresh air. He is such a little mountain boy already and loves to be outside whenever he gets the chance!


Workin' It Out

Three words. POST BABY BODY. buh.

January 1st I whipped it into gear.....kinda.
I started doing work out videos at home, ugh. Talk about feeling stupid. I swear even Cash would laugh at me. I can't stand working out at home, and its hard to get motivated. But I worked out 4 days a week all the way through March and also cut back a little bit on snacks and soda, and I got down to my weight before I was prego, which I was very happy about. But my body still needed work, even if you weigh the same everything is just....different. You mommys out there know what I'm talking about.

So my good friend and sister in law Amber talked me into joining a gym with her.  I was very reluctant (for some strange reason I have a BIG issue with gyms?!)  but I had to do something...I have been dreading swimsuit season that has been closing in on me quicker than I expected.
3 weeks ago today, I joined a gym.
I thought I would be overwhelmed and intimidated....but I wasn't
I thought I would hate it.....but I didn't.
to be honest. I really like it.

Its nice to get out and do something for ME an hour a day, and since Amber and I swich babysitting the kids and go during the day, it doesn't take away from my family time or anything. Its working out really well actually. I haven't lost weight but I'm trying to focus more on how I feel and how my clothes fit. Everyday I go it makes me a little less nervous to get in that swimsuit!


Crazy Beautiful Life

What have we been up to? Well Shane just got done working a 6 week outage out at work and while Dads at work......Mom plays! haha I am lucky to have a husband that works hard so I can do All the fun things I do! Like....

Visiting Grammie in the valley, whenever Shane is working a lot I love to go see my mom and all my family in the valley! Cash Loves grammies house and we gets so spoiled down there!

 Cash playing with Jax in Papa Niks yard.

 Coloring easter eggs at Grandma and Grandpas house

 Trips to the park....when its nice enough and the wind isnt blowing a million miles an hour.
Cash loves to swing!
 Visits from friends....my good friend Jaylyn Lewis and her daughter Hailyn came and stayed the night with us! It was lots of fun to see her and her little girl loved to give Cash kisses!

 Grammies 50th birthday party! So fun to have everyone there, Nikki was so missed! Thanks for the cute shirt Aunt Megan!

 Learning new things everyday! Not only can Cash crawl but he pulls himself up and takes steps around the couch and table!

 Getting in Daddy time whenever we can! Cash and I missed having Shane around and when he got home we would play as much as we could.

 Another visit to Grammies for the Scrapbook Convention!! This is what happens when grammie gets cash ready for bed!

 Catherine and me at the convention. Thanks for waiting in the dollar isle for me! I love you!

 And finally Shane had a weekend off so we headed down to the valley for a little weekend getaway. We had so much fun and it felt so good to relax and have time to ourselves for a couple days! Cash loved swimming and was such a good baby even though we dragged him all over the valley.


One Word.

soo this is kinda lame because I didn't get tagged but I'm going to do this anyway because i haven't posted in a while... I found it on a friends blog from a while back so here it goes.

Answer the questions with ONE word.

1.Where is your cell phone? couch.
2.Your hair? short.
3.Your Mother? far.
4.Your Father? sleeping.
5.Your favorite food? Mexican.
6.Your dream last night? Sad.
7.Your favorite drink? coke.
8.Your dream/goal? family.
9.What room are you in? living Room.
10.Your hobby? crafts.
11.Your fear? losing. (not a game...my family)
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy.
13.Where were you last night? home.
14.Something you aren't? lonely.
15.Muffins? blueberry.
16.Wish list item? cartridges. (for my cricut!)
17.Where did you grow up? Arizona.
18.Last thing you did? checked. (on Cash is his bed)
19.What are you wearing? Jammies.
20.TV? Yes.
21.Your pets? Junior.
22.Your friends? Wonderful.
23.Your life? Blessed.
24.Your mood? awake.
25.Missing someone? family.
26.Vehicle? Kobe!
27.Something you're not wearing? bra.....hahaha sorry TMI!
28.Your favorite store? Undecided.
29.Your favorite color? Green.
30.When was the last time you laughed? Today.
31.When was the last time you cried? Yesterday.
32.Your best friend? Forever.
33.One place you go over and over? Safeway
34.One person who e-mails you regularly? Mom
35.Favorite place to eat? In Town: Java Blues for lunch Booga Reds for dinner.

K I failed at this because I had to use more than one word for a couple...sorry folks!

Now I Nominate:
Megan, Catherine, Jen, Mom and Nikki!

Good Luck!


Cash 6 months...Already?!

Look at this little man. He is so sweet, and just a couple days ago he turned 6 months old! Its crazy how fast the past 6 months have gone. About a week ago i packed away all his teeny tiny newborn clothes and it was so sad :( My mom told me well i guess its time for another one.....it wasnt THAT sad haha. I have to say i love the stage he is in. He is so happy and funny and getting so smart and strong! 
He does this as soon as he rolls over! He wants to crawl so bad and he just cant figure out his arms.
He moves them both at once and face plants and let me tell you that doesnt make him very happy. I am afraid he is going to figure it out before I am ready for him to be mobile! 
He has gotten pretty good at scooting too.
He loves to eat.  Anything and everything I will let him have, besides baby food of course! He hates it, just turns his head or spits it out. So its been interesting trying to find things I can give him....but i gotta say one of my favorite things is sharing a bowl of oatmeal with this little fella in the morning.

I mean ya.....he can be a little monster sometimes...
...But you gotta love that face!


Hey there sports fans!

K so I'm going to start this by saying I'm not usually into sports, at all. I go to super bowl parties for the food and commercials....and I usually tone out and make something or clean when there is a basketball game on that shane wants to watch.....
BUT, there is one one exception. I have always loved baseball. I grew up watching my brother play it and my mom taught me how to take stats so I actually understand the game. I mean come on its the American pass time, plus who doesn't love a guy in baseball pants :) As I said I grew up watching it, but hadn't really watched it since my brother was in high school except for the occasional professional game on tv and a few diamondbacks games at Chase field.

The first year we were married the yankees weren't to hot, the team was just not together at all but Shane still watched every game that was on tv and kept up with the stats religiously online. I have to admit it was a little bit much for me at times....I just didn't get it.

The 2009 season came. I was pregnant most of the season and for some reason I just cared more. When games would be on Tv I would text shane at work and say yankees game tonight! I'll make a good dinner and we can watch it, I started to get to know the players....and I even knew the line up. 

During the playoffs Cash was born. The yankees were doing really good and a lot of shanes family are fans so we started getting together for games, I even made Cash this cute little onesie! I was hooked.
The yankees did great in the playoffs and beat the phillies in game 6 to become world series champs! It was such an awesome season for them and I finally feel like after following them for a whole season I can say I'm a true fan.

SO all of that was leading up to this announcement that I'm very excited about! We get to go watch the yankees vs. diamondbacks play at chase field in June. Even more exciting we got box seats and were going with Shanes brother and sister and their spouses who are all fans too! its going to be so fun! I'm excited to go in my Yankees shirt and be proud of it!  Lets hear it for those yankees!
Any one else out there a sports fan??


Family Pictures

This year for my birthday Shane got me family pictures, definately one of the best presents ever because i love my family and i love pictures. Today our photographer posted some sneaks of the session on his blog, I think they turned out amazing it was exactly the look i was wanting! 
Let me know what you think!