Well i know i havent posted in a while...i am just busy busy! But i just wanted to take a minute and tell my sister NIKKI how much i love her and will miss her now that she is in Utah! Her and her girls are the sunshine in my life and always have been:) I'm just so thankful that we have always been close and i hope it stays that way even with us far apart! I love you Nik, Mayli, Tori and even AJ! you all will be so missed!


Our Family

Well one thing is for sure, we have a lot of family! And thats good because wherever we go we have people we love to see and hang out with. We are so happy to be close with both our families, they are the bomb.com! At our wedding we had the chance to have everyone together (which doesn't happen very often) so we made the most of it with lots of pictures!

Our Pup!

Junior is our dog and we love him so much! Shane says he is the closest thing i can have to a baby right now so we really spoil him. He is the purdiest yellow lab this side of the mississippi.
Shane and Junior just sittin by the campfire. We love taking him on all our little expeditions, he always makes it interesting... What would we do without him swatting at flies and chasing squirrels!?
Here is him as a puppy, we got him the day we got home from our honeymoon so we both just think of him as part of the fam, for better or worse!