Getting Bigger!

As of this Thursday I will be 28 weeks and there is DEFINATELY no hiding it! I love being prego and feeling him move all the time. He moves the most at night when Shane and I are laying in bed talking so I think he likes his dad : ) we can't wait for him to be here!

on the mountain

This weekend my sisters came up and stayed with Shane and I. It was so fun to have them and our nieces there! On friday night we packed everyone up and went up to greenspeak to have dinner and roast marshmallows. We met Brad and amber evan and willie up there and had fun cooking and just hanging out. Mayli and Tori had so much fun running around and playing with Junior. Me cath and nikki had to laugh though because now I am a mountain girl and they are still valley girls haha!
I think by this time little Tori was playing in Shanes truck, it was a little too cold for her and she had more fun just hanging out in the truck!

Shane and Willie acting cool, Brad with Isabel and Braylen


Even though i have been slacking on my blog it doesn't mean we have been lazy lately. Shane and I have both been busy with lots of summer projects. Now that it is warm we have just had an itch to get some stuff done. I have been working a lot on getting the babys room ready and just little projects around the house and Shane started our yard. I have always told him I love having a lot of grass and that is what im gettin! it is still a work in progress.
This is our yard as of today, some grass is coming up, but we are still pretty much in the water and straw stage.

This is a little blanket I made for baby Cash. I love the baseball print and satin edge. It is one of three that I have been working on but this is the only one that is done so far. This is a little table that my Aunt Linda bought me for my birthday at a yard sale. She knows me so well and knew I would love a little project to fix up.
I painted it then roughed up the paint a little, bought new knobs and last but not least added some pretty wallpaper to the top. I really like how it turned out and it was a perfect weekend project. Thanks Aunt Linda. Now i just need to figure out what to hang above it....hmm....
I have a few other projects going that are half done, I will post more when they are complete!

Taylor Swift Concert!

Catherine graduated this year! Crazy I know....but for her graduation present I got us tickets to the Taylor Swift concert at glendale arena (where the coyotes play). It was the night after her graduation so it worked out perfectly. I wanted to suprise her but she got it out of me before so we were both so excited to go! We had so much fun, we went with my two sister in laws Amber and Megan, and a couple friends Kenzi and Aleece. They were a really fun group to go with we all were just goof balls the whole time but it made it even more fun.
Goofing off before the concert.
Waiting for Taylor!
All the girls, kenzi me cath megan aleece amber.
I love you baby girl! Thanks for an awesome night!