Christmas [part three]

I know I've gotten a little crazy with the decoration pictures but I just love all my little things! I am proud of my cute Christmassy house on my low Budget! Go Me!
My cute cute little buckets from target filled with yummy smelling Christmas potpourri. (funny word)
My table centerpiece. I need to buy more bulbs so I can fill it up.
I love this flower arrangement. My co-worker that drew my name for secret santa made it for me.....So talented! And I got the Faith sign from from walgreens for $1.50. I love bargains!

Christmas [part two]

Here our some pictures of our Christmas Decor.
The final product of my fence project! 
*there were some problems with the lights on the house so I will post pictures of them when they are fixed
I love this beautiful count down that my Mother in Law bought me! Thanks Lana!
My homemade stockings made from Shanes old pants and some Christmas flannel. I also stitched our names on the pocket. I think they turned out pretty cute. Plus I love my cute sparkly sign from ABC Distributing!
I made this sign because its a quote from Shanes favorite christmas movie, The Grinch. (the cartoon one) I used all my different stamps for the lettering then just added some fun buttons and bling. I did it one a 2 x 2 foot particle board from home depot, cheap and fun! Gotta love that. 
Our tree! I am so happy with the way all my decorations turned out! Its so fun having our own little space to decorate :)

Christmas [part one]

We have been Busy little elves around here getting ready for Christmas..

We put up our lights and I showed Shane the amazing talent I got from my mom....writing words in the fence! He was a little sketchy about it at first but was impressed with the finish product. 
While I worked on the fence he hung the lights on the House....So brave! I had to go half way up the ladder and hand him something and that was enough for me.
We also decorated our house, I bought our tree and ornaments last year after christmas so I have been looking at them in our closet for months very anxious to put them up!
Shane assembled the tree, and helped me decorate
 *sorry the pictures are a little out of order

We had so much fun getting our house all put together for the Holidays, Shane and I love Christmas time and its exciting to be having our first Christmas being married and our first Christmas in our new home!