Hey there sports fans!

K so I'm going to start this by saying I'm not usually into sports, at all. I go to super bowl parties for the food and commercials....and I usually tone out and make something or clean when there is a basketball game on that shane wants to watch.....
BUT, there is one one exception. I have always loved baseball. I grew up watching my brother play it and my mom taught me how to take stats so I actually understand the game. I mean come on its the American pass time, plus who doesn't love a guy in baseball pants :) As I said I grew up watching it, but hadn't really watched it since my brother was in high school except for the occasional professional game on tv and a few diamondbacks games at Chase field.

The first year we were married the yankees weren't to hot, the team was just not together at all but Shane still watched every game that was on tv and kept up with the stats religiously online. I have to admit it was a little bit much for me at times....I just didn't get it.

The 2009 season came. I was pregnant most of the season and for some reason I just cared more. When games would be on Tv I would text shane at work and say yankees game tonight! I'll make a good dinner and we can watch it, I started to get to know the players....and I even knew the line up. 

During the playoffs Cash was born. The yankees were doing really good and a lot of shanes family are fans so we started getting together for games, I even made Cash this cute little onesie! I was hooked.
The yankees did great in the playoffs and beat the phillies in game 6 to become world series champs! It was such an awesome season for them and I finally feel like after following them for a whole season I can say I'm a true fan.

SO all of that was leading up to this announcement that I'm very excited about! We get to go watch the yankees vs. diamondbacks play at chase field in June. Even more exciting we got box seats and were going with Shanes brother and sister and their spouses who are all fans too! its going to be so fun! I'm excited to go in my Yankees shirt and be proud of it!  Lets hear it for those yankees!
Any one else out there a sports fan??


Family Pictures

This year for my birthday Shane got me family pictures, definately one of the best presents ever because i love my family and i love pictures. Today our photographer posted some sneaks of the session on his blog, I think they turned out amazing it was exactly the look i was wanting! 
Let me know what you think!



Monday was Shane and I's two year anniversary. I know it probably sounds cliche but it really has gone by so fast. We have been so blessed in the last two years and it makes me excited for our years to come. In the last two years we have... (in no particular order)

Vacationed in Telluride (Honeymoon)

Become Loving dog owners to the one and only, Junior

Embarked on new Jobs, Shane as a Welder at MMSI and me as a stay at home momma!

Become Aunt and Uncle to two new neices and three new nephews!
(Isabel, Zoe, Dallan, Jette, Jaxen)

Moved to Eagar and Become proud homeowners
(This is us in front of our first little house we rented, i dont have a picture of us in front of our new house which is so sad! That will definately be on my to do list when the weather gets nicer!)

Gone on Lots of camping trips, trips to the valley, getaway trips with Shanes family, and one trip to the beach with my family!
Found out life changing news

Started our family

Its been an amazing couple years! I have obviously left a lot out but that is just a few things. I'll say it again we have been SO blessed! Here is our little family on our anniversary, a lot has changed but we are still so happy in love, I hope we always feel like newlyweds!