Scrap Happens

So... i am using my new internet [yay!] which means that i have access to the photos on my home computer so i wanted to share some of the pages i have been working on lately. Sorry in advance that you cant read much of the journaling, i am having a hard time figuring out which setting on my camera is best for this. 

Oh and P.s. i can't believe i am one of those people that scrapbooks their dog but oh well its just so cute how he really is shanes best friend and i cant help but want to make a memory of it!




Just FYI....shane and I are getting the internet in two days!! so now i can blog more post more comment more and i have to be honest that just makes my day! we havent had the internet at home since we got married so i always have to sneak on at work (like im doing now) But those days are finally over :) and i couldn't be happier.