I Love my Family

This weekend I am down in the valley celebrating my birthday/our 2 year anniversary and just visiting my family. I love being around my family, our visits are too few and far between. This weekend we arent ALL here and those that arent are missed....
But I am so happy to spend time with those that are here...

There are a lot of things about my family that I
LOVE, heres just a Few....

*We make fun of eachother.
*We sing songs about anything....and everything.
*We are loud.
*We think were pretty darn funny.
*We gossip. (don't judge you know you all do it!)
*We help eachother out.
*We eat eat...and eat. I am constantly telling my mom its a wonder were all not 300 pounds.
*We love our babies!

I could think of a hundred more but its my turn to play Wii so I'm gonna go, I have a couple projects coming up so im going to try doing my first tutorials..wish me luck!


Birthday Weekend!

This friday was my 21st birthday and we had big plans to go down to the valley, hangout with my family, shop and get family pictures taken! But then this happened....

There was a HUGE snow storm! We only got about 8 inches in town but the mountains around us are supposed to have 3-4 feet! So we decided to stay home and not risk driving in the snow. We made the most of it and had a really good weekend anyway.

Cash was so amazed with the snow it really was the cutest thing, he just stared out the window for a long time and he would look at me and smile like....look momma!

We spent the morning of my birthday just laying around in our pjs being lazy, then we went out to lunch at goobs pizza with all my sister in laws and their kiddos, it was so good! That night we went over to Shanes parents for a birthday dinner and played games, we laughed a lot and it was really fun.

The rest of the weekend was really laid back, we just stayed in and relaxed, shane even let me sleep in and he got up with cash! What more can a mom ask for for her birthday! :) I did get some scrapbooking done too! I was so excited to finally get my stuff out and get after it again, and it took a while to get my creative juices flowin.....but i got all of my pregnancy pictures and cashs hospital pictures done. I did 9 layouts which i know doesn't sound like a whole lot but it is for a girl like me who takes forever to do one page.

So over all it was a great weekend, I love my little family and I had a wonderful birthday. Plus who could resist spending a weekend at home with this little snow angel?

This week I am hoping to get some more scrapbooking done, and I need to make a laptop bag for shanes cousin who has been wanting me to make her one since Christmas! We are hoping to get down to the valley this weekend, so we can celebrate my birthday with my family then. Hopefully it won't storm again!

With love,


Starting Over.

I realise I made a blog and then realllllly sucked at keeping up with it, and today I wondered why. I spend too much time on the computer anyway, I should do something productive about it. Part of it is that I have been a busy little momma, but thats probably not a great excuse because now that I have little Cash it should give me even more reason to keep up with this. Sometimes I'll start a post about something random and I think, who would care about this? But I care about the lives of peoples blogs I follow..........really I have no good excuse. So I'm STARTING OVER. Im going to blog it up.{hopefully} and I will start with a random post about my life in the last four and a half months.

First off, this wonderful little man. September 5th he entered my world and I know it will never be the same, he is so wonderful. I always wanted to be a mom...and then when it came right down to it i was really scared, and now that i actually am i love it. He makes it an easy job. He really is a happy baby.
Ten things I love about Cash at 4 months:
1. He is super smiley and giggles all the time.
2.He loves his dad and loves to play.
3.He is SO close to rolling over but his dang little arm gets in the way, its so funny.
4.He is chubby.
5.He is Mr. Independant. He won't let me hold him like a baby or rock him to sleep anymore...which is kinda bitter sweet because I miss it. But it is nice.
6. He is so alert and smart.
7. He loves the book "What Can Simon Be?" Thanks grammie!
8. He is obsessed with pulling his bink out of his mouth and trying to get it back in the right way, he still hasnt figured it out haha.
9.He loves to play in his bouncer that santa brought him
10. He yells at me when i leave the room....he kinda likes having me around.

So that has taken up the biggest chunk of my life for the last little while, not to bad i'd have to say. Other than that I have been trying to craft every chance I get, Keeping my house borderline clean, keeping up with laundry and bills, and just trying to be the best little housewifey i can! Cash is at the stage where I have a little bit more time so I hope to get some projects done in the next few months. I did do quite a bit for Christmas. But now that they are out of site I feel like I haven't done anything in months. I also painted my living room, brown and green big suprise, and have some home projects i'd like to get done.

Well this is starting to be a rant but I just wanted to catch up a little bit. I PROMISE you will hear from me again soon.

With love,