This winter has gone by so fast, but still I am ready for spring! I am just like my momma I hate being cold! This is a picture of Shane and I on a sledding trip with a few friends over Christmas break, its a couple months old but I love the picture because Shane is covered in snow! It was FREEZING and I didn't sled a lot but the cold didn't stop him from treading through the waist deep snow to build jumps and sled like a crazy man. 
This is a little late too but the first of this month was our one year anniversary! Shane and I had an amazing first year of marriage... it went by so fast! I am a lucky girl, he is such an easy person to love and take care of. I am so proud of what we have accomplished in the last year and am anxious for what will come in the years to come. 
Baby Bump! Every morning when I wake up I lay on my back and look down at my tummy and say....nope not yet! but Friday morning there was something there! I have been wanting to show for so long now and it seems to be finally happening! It makes it a little more real :) When Shane was taking the picture he had to say Don't stick it out just act normal! So this really is just relaxed and normal. I love that little bump I am always rubbing my stomach and Shane asks if I feel sick, but i just love to feel my little love bump and know our little baby is growing! Through the pregnancy I get on whattoexpect.com and it tells me all about the little baby from week to week. Every week baby is growing so much and they always compare he/she to something usually a fruit or veggie..... so thats what I call our little baby for that week. First it was Blueberry then in was Olive, not long after that it was Prune and next week it will be my little Peach! 

Big Macs

Being prego for the last month and a half has been a pretty interesting experience for me.... Don't get me wrong I love it! But since the first of January I have been sick every morning, and occasionally throughout the day depending on the things I saw and smelled (working for a foot doctor maybe not the best thing). I have had NO appetite and basically Shane has had to force feed me. Things I usually love like salad and chicken make me cringe, and my usually snacky self even turns away from brownies and candy : (

Then finally....... I saw the light, things changed this week! I have been feeling much less sick (I only threw up twice!) And I'm having my first craving.......... Big Macs. Big Macs? Yes.... Big Macs. Honestly before this week I have probably only had one in my lifetime, and this week I had 3! and I would have had 10 more if they weren't 4 bucks! Oh how I long for the days when they were 99 cents! I love them, they are my favorite thing right now and even uploading that picture made my mouth water. I could get used to this craving thing, hello appetite! I have missed you!