Cash 6 months...Already?!

Look at this little man. He is so sweet, and just a couple days ago he turned 6 months old! Its crazy how fast the past 6 months have gone. About a week ago i packed away all his teeny tiny newborn clothes and it was so sad :( My mom told me well i guess its time for another one.....it wasnt THAT sad haha. I have to say i love the stage he is in. He is so happy and funny and getting so smart and strong! 
He does this as soon as he rolls over! He wants to crawl so bad and he just cant figure out his arms.
He moves them both at once and face plants and let me tell you that doesnt make him very happy. I am afraid he is going to figure it out before I am ready for him to be mobile! 
He has gotten pretty good at scooting too.
He loves to eat.  Anything and everything I will let him have, besides baby food of course! He hates it, just turns his head or spits it out. So its been interesting trying to find things I can give him....but i gotta say one of my favorite things is sharing a bowl of oatmeal with this little fella in the morning.

I mean ya.....he can be a little monster sometimes...
...But you gotta love that face!