Spring is in the Air...Finally

Finally Eagar has given us some nice days and it couldn't have come at a better time because between the snow in May and wind clocked at 122 mph I was about to pack up and call it quits! Its days when it is 70 here and 98 in the valley that I remember how blessed I am to live her....
for part of the year anyway :)

We have been getting out of the house as much as we can lately
and I see a lot more of this in our near future...

We went up to Black River sunday
 after church and cash loved it.
(cutest kid you've ever seen sittin in a camping chair huh?)

Happy lillte mountain boy.

Lee and Dallan(shanes brother and his son)
with Shane and Cash fishing in greer.
*notice Cashs fishing vest, I'll have to get a close picture up Shane is pretty proud of it :)

It really is great to live in a little place so close to the mountains where we can take Cash to spend some time in the fresh air. He is such a little mountain boy already and loves to be outside whenever he gets the chance!


Workin' It Out

Three words. POST BABY BODY. buh.

January 1st I whipped it into gear.....kinda.
I started doing work out videos at home, ugh. Talk about feeling stupid. I swear even Cash would laugh at me. I can't stand working out at home, and its hard to get motivated. But I worked out 4 days a week all the way through March and also cut back a little bit on snacks and soda, and I got down to my weight before I was prego, which I was very happy about. But my body still needed work, even if you weigh the same everything is just....different. You mommys out there know what I'm talking about.

So my good friend and sister in law Amber talked me into joining a gym with her.  I was very reluctant (for some strange reason I have a BIG issue with gyms?!)  but I had to do something...I have been dreading swimsuit season that has been closing in on me quicker than I expected.
3 weeks ago today, I joined a gym.
I thought I would be overwhelmed and intimidated....but I wasn't
I thought I would hate it.....but I didn't.
to be honest. I really like it.

Its nice to get out and do something for ME an hour a day, and since Amber and I swich babysitting the kids and go during the day, it doesn't take away from my family time or anything. Its working out really well actually. I haven't lost weight but I'm trying to focus more on how I feel and how my clothes fit. Everyday I go it makes me a little less nervous to get in that swimsuit!