Sorry : (

I haven't posted in almost 2 months?! Thats crazy, life has been crazy. There are several reasons that I haven't posted like.....

1.We have been going through the process of buying a house and i have been very busy getting all the paperwork together (are you kidding me last three years of tax returns?!) But the sunny side is we close on the thirtieth of this month! 4 more days :)

2. I haven't scrapbooked at all because we have been packing and i have just have had a creative block. I have lots of fun ideas for the new house though. Yay!

3. I haven't taken any pictures lately, and therefore I have had none to post. 

I know, i know excuses excuses! but my goal is to be better for my mom and nikki and katie because i miss them so much! I promise a new blog *with pictures* by next weekend. 

Thanks to those of you who do check the blog, again sorry for the slacking.  love you all