Spring is in the Air...Finally

Finally Eagar has given us some nice days and it couldn't have come at a better time because between the snow in May and wind clocked at 122 mph I was about to pack up and call it quits! Its days when it is 70 here and 98 in the valley that I remember how blessed I am to live her....
for part of the year anyway :)

We have been getting out of the house as much as we can lately
and I see a lot more of this in our near future...

We went up to Black River sunday
 after church and cash loved it.
(cutest kid you've ever seen sittin in a camping chair huh?)

Happy lillte mountain boy.

Lee and Dallan(shanes brother and his son)
with Shane and Cash fishing in greer.
*notice Cashs fishing vest, I'll have to get a close picture up Shane is pretty proud of it :)

It really is great to live in a little place so close to the mountains where we can take Cash to spend some time in the fresh air. He is such a little mountain boy already and loves to be outside whenever he gets the chance!


Nikki Nielson said...

He is so dang cute Jes! I can't wait to see him and you, it is getting so close! Looks like you are having lots of fun in the mountains up there :)

Lori said...

I think that mountain boy needs some city time with his grammie! Get down here! Love you!

Andrea said...

SPRING!?!?!.... GUURRLLLL... you best be updating this blog SOON! I'll be waiting!! :)

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