Crazy Beautiful Life

What have we been up to? Well Shane just got done working a 6 week outage out at work and while Dads at work......Mom plays! haha I am lucky to have a husband that works hard so I can do All the fun things I do! Like....

Visiting Grammie in the valley, whenever Shane is working a lot I love to go see my mom and all my family in the valley! Cash Loves grammies house and we gets so spoiled down there!

 Cash playing with Jax in Papa Niks yard.

 Coloring easter eggs at Grandma and Grandpas house

 Trips to the park....when its nice enough and the wind isnt blowing a million miles an hour.
Cash loves to swing!
 Visits from friends....my good friend Jaylyn Lewis and her daughter Hailyn came and stayed the night with us! It was lots of fun to see her and her little girl loved to give Cash kisses!

 Grammies 50th birthday party! So fun to have everyone there, Nikki was so missed! Thanks for the cute shirt Aunt Megan!

 Learning new things everyday! Not only can Cash crawl but he pulls himself up and takes steps around the couch and table!

 Getting in Daddy time whenever we can! Cash and I missed having Shane around and when he got home we would play as much as we could.

 Another visit to Grammies for the Scrapbook Convention!! This is what happens when grammie gets cash ready for bed!

 Catherine and me at the convention. Thanks for waiting in the dollar isle for me! I love you!

 And finally Shane had a weekend off so we headed down to the valley for a little weekend getaway. We had so much fun and it felt so good to relax and have time to ourselves for a couple days! Cash loved swimming and was such a good baby even though we dragged him all over the valley.


Char and Trent said...

seriously. our children are twins separated at birth. so cute!!!!! i wish you would call me sometime when you are down here! Id love to see you guys!~

Lori said...

Jessica! You are such a sweet little mama! Loved having you down here - wish you were here ALL THE TIME! Much love to you and that adorable baby of yours! And Shane. :-)

Nikki Nielson said...

Its about time you posted! I love your cute little guy! He is so cute and so happy. I am jealous that you get to go visit mom so much but it will be fun to be down there in a month! Love ya!

Natalie Nicole Nikolaus said...

Jessica, Cash is too adorable! I want to see you both! My mom does that too the kids clothes too haha. Love you!

Catherine Lacy said...

so stinken cute! i love you so much!

Jennifer said...

That pickle picture is pretty musch the best thing my eyes have ever feasted eyed on! Cute cute cute.